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Over 50's Dating Site Features

You may be wondering what's in store for you if you register to use this site, so here's a brief summary of the site's features. Each feature is explained in detail on its own page which you'll be able to see once you've registered and logged in.


Registering is quick and easy. You just have to fill out a few details about yourself, tick a few boxes, and write a paragraph or two describing yourself. Not too much but enough to spark the interest.

Viewing Other Profiles

Once registered you can begin exploring. Click on any profile images to view the profile in full. You'll notice that there are a variety of ways of interacting with any other person. Some of these will require an account upgrade (see below).

Let's pretend you're looking at Maggie's profile. You'll be able to:

  • Send Maggie a message
  • Add Maggie to your list Favourites
  • Wink at Maggie
  • Buy Maggie a virtual gift
  • Read Maggie's diary

Who's Online

Any time you can see who else is online with just one mouse click. Obviously this list will change all the time, but it's a great way of finding someone to send a message to for an almost instant response.


Each member can choose to make use of their own profile diary. These can be read my all other members and they are another way to encourage contact. You can jot down thoughts and notes that explain something about your online dating journer. For example: "Mary (55) from East Sussex has written: Well......this has been a good experience so far: had a few nice messages from what appear genuine men and so that gives me..."

Profile Photos

Photos on our profile are essential so we recommend you upload at least one. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Upload a photo from your computer
  • Send a photo from your mobile phone
  • Use your webcam to take a photo

Video Profile

If you have a webcam why not record a short video introduction of yourself? These are great fun and generate a lot of interest. Experiment and practice until you're satisfied with the result. For example, dress to impress and show yourself in a good light.

Payment Packages

The account upgrade packages are very reasonable. There are three types to choose from and the work out at 14p, 34p, or 23p per day. The longer you subscribe for the cheaper it becomes, but even at 23p per day we think you'll agree that it represents good value for money, particularly when you consider what being a full member can lead to!

A Bit of Fun

As well as all the usual profile features, photos, video clips etc, there's also a section on personality profiling, horoscopes, and other matchmaking tools. These are a great way of breaking the ice and encouraging a little interaction between members.

  • The Personality Profile
  • Horoscope
  • Birth Date Report
  • Romantic Profile Report
  • Sun, Love and Passion Profile

Help & Support

If you get stuck or things don't work the way you expected we're on hand to give you some help. Online dating is our raison d'être. We love what we do and enjoy helping our members so don't hesitate to ask.

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