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Free Over 50's Dating Site

Free dating sites operate on the principle that if they provide a large enough pool of possible partners then each person is probably going to find someone they would like to date. Fair enough - it does work after all, but these free sites are usually confined to the younger age groups of perhaps the 18-40 years olds. Many of them may not have been in long term relationships, been married, nor had children, so they probably won't be the kind of people who will have anything in common with the more mature men and women in the UK who find themselves single later in in life.

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Another disadvantage of totally free dating sites is that they cover their costs by placing advertisements in much of the free space around the screen. As we all know excessive advertising can be intrusive and distratcting, and easily spoils the look and design of a web page. Here in Love Generations you'll find all the pages free of adverts from other companies, leaving you in peace to concentrate on what you really came here for i.e to find potential partners in your age group.

Tom (57) from Cumbria has written: "I've been a member for a few months now, made some connections and got chatty with a few ladies. Things are looking promising - off on a date next week with a lass from Carlisle..."

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