A great place to meet over 50s

A great place to meet over 50sLove Generations is an established online dating website tailored to meet the needs of the more mature singletons. It’s a great place to meet over 50s and to connect with people in a similar stage and place in life.

You might be wanting to meet someone special in your life, a new partner perhaps. Or maybe you just want to reconnect with others in your age group and see who’s out there.

The stigma around online dating is quickly disappearing, so there’s never been a better time to start it. When you’re over 50 and perhaps have work and family responsibilities it’s a great idea to be able to quickly connect with people online and then arrange a date – than spend many night trawling bars searching for that special someone.

Being over 50 can be a tricky time in life to find yourself newly single. It can be difficult throwing yourself into new social situations, especially if you’re someone who isn’t very confident around new people, or someone who doesn’t have time to get out there because of work or family.

Love Generations takes away all those confidence and time issues, once you join you’ll be able to look through members profiles and decide whether you have things in common. When you find someone you think you’ll click with, send them a friendly message to break the ice – then it’s far less daunting should you decide to meet somewhere along the line.

Another really handy thing about Love Generations is that there are fresh faces joining every day, so if no one catches your eye on Friday, by Monday you might have found someone who does. But all this variation is something you might want to embrace in your new lifestyle, with the great searching options on the site you can use this as a chance to contact people you wouldn’t usually go up and chat with in a bar.

Why not exchange some friendly chat? You never know, you might really hit it off – sometimes variation is the key to success.

So why not sign up? It’s a free to join, and once you’re a member there are all sorts of benefits you can get too. It’s a friendly and efficient way to meet some new people, and the site is easy to use and find your way around too – which means you can start exploring what it has to offer as soon as possible.

Register here and see for yourself.  Subscriptions and other temporary upgrades are optional and you can cancel at any time.

Classic Films For Your Date

When it comes to planning a date you can spend a long time deliberating over the activities you should arrange to keep both of you happy. A lot of possibilities are out there and the common way of thinking to go down is to wonder whether you should mix it up by doing something out of the ordinary or whether you should stick to more conventional means. Thinking outside of the box can be great if you manage to come up with an idea that will capture your date’s imagination but the older methods will always have a strong appeal too. If you ask anyone what their classic date scene would comprise of then besides a romantic candle-lit dinner the most popular response would surely be to watch a film together. This is a selection of some sure-fire winners to choose from.

Sleepless In Seattle
This 1993 romantic comedy is certainly a great choice to have you feeling closer together as the story progresses. The film stars Tom Hanks as an architect who moves with his son from Chicago to Seattle following his wife’s death from cancer. His young son, played by Ross Malinger, wants his father to find someone and contacts a radio show before getting his father to tell on air how he misses his wife. Among the many women who are listening and who write to Hanks’ character is a reporter played by Meg Ryan, though she did not intend to send it. Without revealing too much more of the plot the story centres around the intertwining circumstances that may or may not allow them to meet.

Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the sports agent Jerry Maguire has a more comedic edge to it but is another classic example of an ideal date movie. After a breakdown and the composition of a subsequent mission statement on the perils of the industry he announces that he is leaving the agency and invites his co-workers to join him. The only one to come with him is a young single mother played by Renee Zellweger. Aside from the famous quote of ‘show me the money’ this one also features the now truly classic line of ‘you had me at hello’.

Forever Young
Starring Mel Gibson it is impossible not to be drawn in by this 1992 film. There are elements of sci-fi as Gibson plays a test pilot in 1939 who is put in suspended animation at his request for a year so he does not have to watch his comatose girlfriend die. Fifty-three years later two children discover the chamber he is in and the effects of his aging are accidentally reversed. The plot centres on a desperate attempt by Gibson to piece together what has happened with a unique romantic storyline in the background until the end.

Article written by Paula Johnson on behalf of http://www.asiansinglesolution.com/ who offer a comprehensive dating service for British Asians.

Latest Divorce Rates in the UK

In a multitude of ways society has moved forward. Technology is a good example of this. We are so advanced that even in our daily lives it can be difficult to keep up with the advances that are made every day. A new, smarter, smaller mobile phone comes out every week. When you buy a new television a better one comes out a few weeks later – there are now TV’s which double as computers and can access the internet. You can Skype from your TV and of course do a whole lot of other things. In technology we have moved forward, in finance we seem to have gone backwards. And when it comes to social acceptance and advancement it really seems to depend on who you speak to. In some countries same sex marriage has been legalised, but there is still a deep rooted suspicion about it. And when it comes to divorce, some would say that it has become too popular and acceptable.

Marriage began life as a religious institution, but today it is a legal institution. You would think that time would remove the stigma of divorce, but for many this is just not the case. Divorce rates have actually been declining. Divorce rates rose, particularly in the 1970’s, when women went into the workforce and divorce was liberalised. During the post-war period divorce rates increased significantly and it is happening again.

After years of a decreasing divorce rate the rates are going up and many have ascribed this to the current financial crisis. Interestingly, enough critics have ascribed the previous, post-war, increase to the difficulty in managing a two income household where men were used to being the provider. Now people are getting divorced for a completely different financial reason. The recession has meant that many people have lost their jobs, are unable to pay their mortgages, single income households are simply not a realistic possibility anymore and with the added financial pressures, many couples are choosing to get divorced.

In 2009 the divorce rate was 113,949, it is now up by 4.9% to 119,589. The highest rate of divorce has been found in men and women from the ages 40 to 44. Financial pressure can be the end of a relationship. It is very romantic to think of marriage as an institution based solely on love, but marriage is far more than that.

The reasons for people getting married have changed over the years. From using marriage as a form of exchange, it was romanticised to be a union of love, and now it is somewhere in the middle. People may get married for love, but once you are married it becomes a domestic setting and this is where a lot of unforeseen issues can come from. If a couple has not lived together before they get married, then living together can be a great stress. But more than that, the stress of maintaining a particular lifestyle in a time of financial crisis can be more than any couple can handle.

Over 50s Dating Advantages

Dating for the over 50s comes with its own set of difficulties and a unique set of freedoms. It can be both a nerve taxing and a liberating exercise as most over 50s have a wealth of experience on which to draw when searching for a suitable partner. Although care should always be taken when divulging personal information about yourself, those over 50 tend to be far more cautious and aware of the risks. Though frowned upon in the past, reputable websites often have checks in place to safeguard the privacy of those seeking companionship or stable relationships. Sites such as ours are often a great aid in discovering who is out there, what can be expected from them and how and where to meet.

Over 50s are either divorced, widowed or have never been married and in most cases will be the parents of adult children. Those who are the products of divorce will be wary and perhaps hyper-sensitive to the perceived flaws of any potential new partner. In the case of most women who have children the effect of an ex husband’s behaviour on those children will greatly influence any future choices she makes in respect of suitors. If the ex was a good and participating parent she may look for those same attributes in another and if he was not then she will tend to be overly critical of any new man. To a large extent the same can be said of men, but mothers are notoriously protective of their offspring. Online dating services create the opportunity for screening potential new mates and many will arrange an initial meeting between a couple on safe and neutral ground prior to that first date. It is invaluable for settling nerves and deciding whether one finds the other at all attractive in person. It is also a safe means of getting to know the likes and dislikes of someone before any kind of commitment is made to future meetings.

The youth may be quite blase about online dating, but for the older generation it can be a scary experience. Yet, all one needs is some basic computer know-how and some time to browse. It beats going on nights out in the hope of meeting someone new and exciting and then ending up being bitterly disappointed and perhaps so disillusioned as to give up the quest. Online dating should be seen as just another form of online shopping. It really is no different and who doesn’t enjoy window shopping at times?