Are you a cougar or pussycat woman?

Want A Taste?

Are you a cougar or a pussycat in the dating world as a woman aged over 50 looking for friendship, romance or love?

Cougars are the new sexually aware group of feisty females prowling for a younger mate, inspired by role models like the girls from Sex In The City or Desperate Housewives.

Even Madonna, who is 51, admits she enjoys life as a cougar with her boyfriend whose mother is even 15 years younger than Madge.

How to test if you are a Cougar

Various surveys have tried to find out the make-up of a typical cougar  – and if you can answer ‘yes’  to these questions, then you’re one of the slinky, sensuous cougar females:

* Are you seeking a serious relationship?

Most cougar girls are not looking for casual fun.

* Are you divorced or separated?

Most cougars seem to be hunting down some excitement after a marriage break-up

* Do you pay your way or let the guy fork out on dates?

Cougars will split the bill or let their trophy man pay rather than dip in to their own purses

* Do you go for guys aged in their mid-20s?

Cougars are on the prowl for 24-27 year olds not babes in the cradle.

* Have you dated at least five younger guys?

A proper cougar knows what she wants and goes for the kill – being a cougar is a choice not a one-off.

If you did answer ‘yes’ to the questions, then don’t be ashamed, cougars are the queens of the dating jungle and definitely higher up the food chain than their younger rivals, the cheetahs.

What makes a Pussycat?

Don’t forget that as much as an older woman enjoys the more energetic attentions of a younger guy and likes the attention of him hanging off her arm and every word in public, those younger guys are turned on by the maturity and experience of a cougar woman.

If you answered ‘no’ to the questions, then you’re definitely more of a pussycat. Still soft and sensual, you are someone who likes to stay closer to home snuggled up with a guy more her age in front of a warm fire.

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