First Impressions From Your Dating Profile Picture

As the old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a first impression”, so the photograph you use on your profile is of utmost importance. You can, of course, look through your albums and select one you like, but if it’s more than a few months old, it won’t represent the you of today. Better to take one especially for the purpose of showing prospective dates your most appealing current self.

(The following is addressed to the ladies, so if you’re a man you can either ignore the rest of this article, or learn a few tricks of the female trade).

Before getting in front of a camera, apply fresh make-up. You should use a heavier hand with the face-paint when having a picture taken, because the bright light necessary for a good photograph tends to wash out colour and will make you look less vibrant than you would like. This is not to suggest that you end up looking like a clown, but you might want to select slightly darker shades of foundation, blush and lipstick and add a couple of extra layers of mascara and eye shadow. If you’ve ever seen an actress in stage or film make-up outside of the lighted stage, you’ll understand the need for this deepening of colour.

As for your hair, it can either be your crowning glory or the bane of your existence. In either case, it can make or break your picture. It should frame your face, but not overshadow it, complement your features without being obtrusive. If you colour it, which is almost a given, considering that we’re all over fifty, make sure your roots aren’t showing and that the colour is clear and fresh. By the way, this is not the time to experiment with various tints. A drastic colour change will make you unrecognisable to yourself, and you can’t come across as natural if you aren’t accustomed to a new persona.

If you’re grey, a silver rinse does wonders for adding a polished look to your locks. Of course, if it isn’t too big a stretch from your normal lifestyle, a trip to a good salon for a professional ‘do will not only make your photo better, it will make you feel better, too. At the very least, before that shutter clicks, give yourself a good shampoo, curl it up or sleek it down, pin it up or let it flow, as long as you’re coiffed in your most flattering style.

Of course, there’s no reason not to take several shots with several different hairstyles, to give yourself a choice of looks. Depending upon the kind of man you’re seeking, you can appear simple or sophisticated, girlish or mature, city or country. Your hair can speak volumes about you, so be sure it’s saying what you want prospective dates to hear!


  1. rod ingham says:

    life is strange isn’t it ? you spend over 30 yrs with someone and you become so fused together
    that you lose your own singular identity . when that relationship founders, you struggle to find
    yourself again , and you lose the will to go out and try to be part of society . i personally find
    it difficult trust women , despite the fact that there are ‘ good uns’ about – trying to approach
    one is like climbing everest . i don’t need a ‘ goddess ‘ , someone to bounce things off would
    be nice !

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