Online Dating Provides a New Lease of Life for Over 50’s

The advent of the internet has provided a new lease of life for a large percentage of over the 50’s population around the world. It has opened up new worlds for friendship, dating, business and much more. Anyone can log onto an online dating site to find friendship and the prospect of flirtation, romance or love at any time.

In the United Kingdom for example an article in the Daily Mail suggested that the internet has attracted growing numbers of more mature adults as millions of Britons over the 50 age mark go online more frequently. These silver surfers, the Mail stated,  were becoming more confident in their abilities to find what they needed online. Consequently more businesses have begun targeting older people in a number of areas from dating to health, fashion, cooking and travel.

One of the most important elements in successful online dating for any over 50s person is a well written profile. This tool can be successfully used by creating a summary about the individual that is unique and outstanding. Profiles are customisable and should contain relevant biographical information about the person, as well as information about what is required in a potential mate, and an interesting picture.

The oft repeated cliché about first impressions making lasting impressions is true. Before registering with online dating sites, the date seeker needs to make a list of expectations and desired traits in a potential date or partner. As this will form part of the profile eventually posted online, accuracy and honesty should be the underpinning principles of this exercise.

The profile should be a candid summary of the person’s strengths, character, likes and dislikes. Quantity does not matter when in search of the perfect mate; it is quality that counts.

First dates can be daunting for someone who has not gone out on a date for a while. Don’t panic – plan the first date based on what the other person likes and keep it relaxed, free and easy. No one wants a first date to fail so it’s best to put in a little effort to make a good first impression.

Romantic picnics in a beautiful location will allow the two people on the date to talk and get to know each other better. For the over 50s generation, it’s not about rushing around bars and night clubs that’s important. These dates are more mature and serious because people are looking for the perfect mate and don’t want to waste time.

Another romantic suggestion is to go sailing provided both persons enjoy being on the water. This type of date can turn tricky if one person gets seasick so make sure seasickness will not be a problem. Keep it simple; hire a row boat near a lake or canal or if the budget permits and one person is a skilled boater, hire a powerboat. Don’t forget there are moonlight cruises that make for a romantic option too.

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