Christmas gifts and the dating dilemma

Just what is the etiquette for buying Christmas presents for someone you have recently started dating?

After all, you don’t want to look like a Scrooge by not putting your hand in to your pocket or purse to buy something for your new partner.

On the other hand, you haven’t been together long enough to know how things are going to go and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by splashing out on someone you might never see again.

It’s the Christmas dating dilemma for anyone in a new relationship.

You may not even have had your first kiss or cuddle yet and you have to make this decision that could make or break your friendship or romance before love has had a chance to blossom.

Cut off day for buying new partners a present

The etiquette on this is simple – play things cool.

If you are new friends but have been together for more than a week before Christmas, then you ought to mark the occasion with a small gift.  At this time, you have probably met once or twice and have a ‘history’ online.

The official cut-off for not buying presents is a week before Christmas. After all, you barely know him or her.

Most people would find this a socially acceptable solution to the dating dilemma.

Don’t be branded a Christmas gift tart

If your partner lavished Christmas gifts on you and for some reason you broke up soon after, just think of the gossip and rumour-mongering in the online chat rooms – gold digger, Christmas tart and worse that you would have to explain and live down.

Of course, the danger is here that your new partner wants to impress and flatter you by expressing undying love through extravagant gifting too early in the relationship.

If you are suckered in to going down this route, the dating dilemma has got you.

One of the best ways to beat the dilemma is a simple price ceiling on gifts – chat with your partner and explain you would like to mark the season by buying him or her a card and a small gift.

Then agree how much you will spend – maybe a maximum of £5 or £10. That we you show you care and do not look a Scrooge when showered with Christmas gifts and your partner has their dilemma of how much to spend resolved as well.

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