Frequently Asked Questions For The Over 50’s New To Online Dating

Singles new to online dating often have the same fears and doubts over meeting people online and the safety of their personal data because some of the over 50s are not so familiar with the internet as youngsters. Here are some answers to the questions many ask:

I face to face relationships, why should I try online dating?

Like most things, this is down to personal choice. Lots of people find online dating lets them meet others from the comfort, convenience and safety of their home and means they can get to know and trust other singles before that first so-important meeting. Don’t forget online life is not a replacement for real life.

Is my personal information safe with an online dating site?

This is one of the top worries for people of all ages, including the over 50s, looking for friendship online. Providing the site has secure payment and data access, you should have no problems. The usual online advice applies, the same as dating in real life, like not giving out personal information to strangers or not sending them credit card details.

Am I likely to meet someone I like online?

The chances are likely, according to regular online dating surveys, including an independent Which? survey of 1504 online dating users, including many over 50s looking for friendship, love and romance online, seven out of 10 (71%) said either they or a friend had gone on a date with someone they had met online. One in six said they had started a long-term relationship with a partner they met online.

Just treat online dating like fun and act the same as if you were out with friends.

Do I need a dating profile?

Yes. Lots of singles check out likely friends from their profile photo and details. Spend a while refining your profile and you must post a clear and up to date photo. A good profile and photo will screen out people who are not interested and make sure that those who are looking for someone like you don’t miss you. Keep your profile up-to-the-minute, and don’t say things about yourself that are not true because you will be caught out in the end.

I’m new to online dating – how do I talk to someone I like?

Many online dating sites like Love Generations have email and emoticons – little graphics showing smiles, kisses, winks and other signals – that you can send to someone to break the ice. Chat rooms also let you ‘wispa’ someone you like with a private comment, like whispering to them in real life.

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