How online dating helps over 50 singletons find love

Getting back in to the dating game can be difficult for some singles after divorce or the break up of a long relationship.

One of the main ‘social’ services offered by online dating is sites like Love Generations offers someone who is vulnerable and fearful of rejection a safe haven for meeting new people.

For many, with established support groups of friends, neighbours and family, it’s difficult to date and be themselves while living in a goldfish bowl.

In the back of a singleton’s mind are several fears –

* Will your friend or relation report your dating activities back to other people you know?

* Will they try and exert peer pressure by approving your new relationships?

* Do you really want to reveal your innermost secrets to someone who knows your friends and family?

Even if you would like a romance with someone in your circle, all these fears are off-putting to say the least.

Online dating rids your mind of these fears and lets singles be themselves. Not only that, but it’s likely many of the people you meet online are also enduring the same experience, so you have a better understanding of each other.

Don’t interpret this as advice to ditch your old circle if you are divorced or single again. The idea is to broaden your circle of friends with online dating while maintaining your privacy and self-respect, not to get rid of your old relationships.

Online dating does allow you to be the ‘you’ that you want to be, not everyone else’s idea of what you should be.

Try some stepping out in to some new activities that you have had to put aside while bringing up your family. Throw out those old clothes and spruce up your look.

The freedom to express you with likeminded people by dispelling those fears of approval and rejection is what online dating brings in to the lives of many people.

So sign up and see what Love Generations can offer you. After all, the gains could be huge and you really have nothing to lose.


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