One in four internet users are over 50

According to a recent article in The Daily Mail, one in four of all the 39 million internet users in the UK are over the age of fifty due to the fact that over a million over 50’s went online for the first time in the past twelve months.

This boost to the number of silver surfers has been brought about by sites specifically designed for the wants, needs, and lifestyles of the more mature adult population.  There are new websites, and there are those in already in existence which  have been modified or expanded to cater for the many interests and the outlook of those who are over half a century old but who feel as young as ever.

Here at Love Generations we’re ahead of the game.  We long ago recognised that there are literally a million or two people out there over the age of fifty who are single, full of life and looking for new partners.

Now, as these new people join the internet generation there are many more reasons to become a member and to upgrade your membership.  It looks like the over 50’s are going to be busier than ever!

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