Tips For Successful Dating For the Over 50’s

Due to the death of a spouse or divorce, it is not uncommon to be alone at some point during the second half of life. People who find themselves in this situation may eventually begin to long for romance and companionship but this is not the time to be swept away by emotion. Finding a suitable mate should be approached logically and with caution. This is where online dating services are useful, providing the ability to narrow the field easily, safely and comfortably.

Of the many online dating sites from which to choose, some simply provide a place to connect with others at no charge. Unlike free dating sites, fee-based services usually provide matching based on many variables such as preferences and interests. At this stage of life, most people want to meet others with whom they are assured some level of compatibility. In the interest of time, it is wise to use a paid service that provides potential matches based on specific criteria.

When pursuing online dating, whether during the profile completion phase or later on during initial contact with potential matches, keep the following points in mind:

Honesty – It is normal to present oneself in the best possible light. Unfortunately, this tendency can lead to misrepresentation or misunderstanding. Beware of overstatements. Avoid making them and be wary if the other party seems too good to be true. Also, keep in mind that being honest does not require disclosure of personal information. Keep your personal information private until you feel completely comfortable sharing.

Clarity – Know what you are looking for ahead of time. Make a list of desired qualities so that you can effectively focus your search. Also make a list of deal breakers and stick to it. Some things are just not negotiable and that’s okay. It is better to determine early on whether a potential match is a viable option rather than wasting valuable time on a relationship with no future.

Safety – As online dating requires contact with complete strangers, be vigilant when it comes to safety. There is no guaranteed way to know ahead of time the true personality or motives of potential matches. While it is assumed that they are just like you and simply seeking romance and companionship, it is best to be safe. Until you know the person well, communicate through the dating site and stay on a first name only basis. During the early stages of getting to know someone, meet in public places and do not divulge your address, phone number, place of work or any other personal information.

Compatibility – Seek to determine early on whether you and a potential match are compatible. Just like you, the people you meet will already be set in their ways. In addition, each person is a package deal that may come with pets, kids, grandkids, health issues and a variety of personal habits or idiosyncrasies. Ensure that there is mutual comfort with the individual packages that are being presented.

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