Being Single and Content

It can be hard to be single and content at the same time since it is human nature to want what we can’t or don’t have. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a happy medium to be found when we are on our own however. There is a difference between being single and lonely and single and content. It is still possible to be single, with numerous meaningful relationships that don’t have to evolve into full time romantic relationships that would place us outside the category of single. And being single can bring with it numerous advantages, the most important of which may leave us quite content to remain with the “single” title.

A Lifestyle without Compromise
Sure, almost all of us have to compromise in life whether we are single or not. There are rules to follow, laws to obey, jobs that must be held down to earn a living, and a general structure to society to which most of us choose to adhere. However, being single can reduce some of the situations in which we must compromise; situations that can greatly affect our happiness and well-being. Where we live, how we live, and with whom we live may all be sacrificed in order to maintain a relationship. We could very well end up surrendering our life’s true goals and dreams to make someone else happy, leaving us to wonder what could have been.

Freedom to Explore
Freedom to explore doesn’t just mean being able to hit the road or take a vacation whenever the mood hits, although this can be one advantage of being single. The bonds of monogamy can be inhibiting to how and with whom we explore new relationships. When we’re attached to someone, feelings of jealousy, insecurity, anger, and fear, can affect how we interact with other people. Whether those feelings, either within ourselves or our partner, are justified, they can still restrict the way in which we handle ourselves around others and especially affect our ability to interact freely with members of the opposite sex. Being single may allow us to participate more actively in fulfilling relationships with men and women alike without someone looking over our shoulder or us feeling guilty about having spent too much time with someone we find interesting.

Relationship Responsibility
Maintaining a relationship can be a lot of work and may actually be viewed as quite a large responsibility. Keeping someone else happy and satisfied, understanding and catering to their whims and desires, and combating the constant urge to just be selfish and do what we want to do, can quickly grow tiresome, especially if we are often on the giving end rather than the receiving. When we are single, we can take care of ourselves, still participating in relationships that provide the proper or needed amount of attention and human interaction, but don’t leave us feeling exhausted or used at the end of the day.

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