How to Rebuild Your Confidence After Heartache

Recovering from a messy break up is never easy, and the complicated emotions that you experience at the end of a romantic relationship can effect every aspect of your daily life if you do not deal with them appropriately. By following a few common sense steps to getting over your heartache, you will eventually find yourself feeling a little bit better every day and will soon be ready to start looking for a new partner. Remember, no matter how badly you might be feeling right now, nearly everyone has been in your shoes before, and recovering from heartache is simply a part of life. Here are some of the best ways to rebuild your confidence and move on from your last relationship.

Avoid Communicating with Your Old Flame

While it would be great if all former lovers could remain being great friends once their relationship came to a close, the truth of the matter is that staying in touch with your ex when you still have romantic feelings for him or her can make it nearly impossible to move forward. If necessary, have a honest conversation with the person and let them know that you simply cannot continue speaking with them for a little while. This might be a little bit tricky if your work with the person or share the same circle of friends, but it is well worth your effort to sever all ties until you regain your confidence.

Get It Out of Your System

In order to regain your sense of confidence, you are going to have to start by being honest with how you really feel about what you are going through. It is no use pretending that you are not feeling hurt and depressed in order to try to appear strong to everyone. Find a friend or family member that you can count on and spill your heart out. Some of the best ways to start feeling better is to express yourself through writing about your feelings, expressing yourself in art or participating in competitive sports. Once you have gotten everything off your chest, you will find that it is much easier to start moving forward.

Take Pride in Your Appearance

Once you are done wallowing in your own misery, it’s time to get yourself cleaned up. Ladies might start feeling better about themselves after a visit or two to the salon, while guys need to consider losing that post-breakup beard and pulling themselves together. Take out those clothes that you know that you look good in, or, better yet, head out to your favorite clothing store for some new threads.

Strut Thyself

Nothing will help you regain your confidence like receiving some positive signals from strangers. Visit your favorite hot spots and make yourself seem available. With the right body language and eye contact, people will start letting you know that you are the hot stuff that you know you are. Don’t be afraid to engage with people in a little bit of harmless flirting, even if you do not intend on letting things get anywhere. The more that you notice that people are interested in you, the better that you will feel about yourself.

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