Getting Back into the Dating Game

Preparing to go on a first date with someone new that you met online can be an intimidating prospect — especially if you haven’t been on a first date with anyone in years. If it’s been years since the last time you were in the dating game, it’s important to keep several things in mind in order to have a successful experience. After all, it’s hard to enjoy yourself on a first date if you’re worried or self-conscious the entire time! Here are a few simple principles to guide you on a first date.

1. Be yourself
This is one of the most repeated pieces of dating advice for new singles, but it’s important to really pay attention to it. You should always be yourself! Don’t feel pressured to be more than who you truly are or to embellish details about yourself. After all, you want the person to fall for you — not the character you’re pretending to be.

2. Don’t be afraid to let loose a little
A first date is a great time to cross a few boundaries with yourself. That’s not to say you should overindulge at the bar, but allow yourself to be a more flirtatious or conversational than normal. You should still be sure to be yourself, but let go of a few inhibitions that you might otherwise hold onto.

3. Pretend you’re conducting a job interview
When you pretend that you’re interviewing the person you’re on the date with for a job, you can easily forget some of your nerves about the date. Be sure to still engage in conversation and see the person as an individual, but keep in mind that he or she is trying to make a good impression on you as well.

4. Remember that there are more singles to choose from
If you’re not having a good time, remember that there are more people to choose from! Similarly, if you find yourself falling quickly, remember that you shouldn’t rush into things. Allow yourself to enjoy the date for what it is.

5. Tell someone where you’re going
Though you may think this piece of advice only applies to young singles, it’s still just as important no matter your age to be safe while online dating. You’ll feel more at ease during the date when a trusted friend knows where you are and when you should be returning.