Classic Films For Your Date

When it comes to planning a date you can spend a long time deliberating over the activities you should arrange to keep both of you happy. A lot of possibilities are out there and the common way of thinking to go down is to wonder whether you should mix it up by doing something out of the ordinary or whether you should stick to more conventional means. Thinking outside of the box can be great if you manage to come up with an idea that will capture your date’s imagination but the older methods will always have a strong appeal too. If you ask anyone what their classic date scene would comprise of then besides a romantic candle-lit dinner the most popular response would surely be to watch a film together. This is a selection of some sure-fire winners to choose from.

Sleepless In Seattle
This 1993 romantic comedy is certainly a great choice to have you feeling closer together as the story progresses. The film stars Tom Hanks as an architect who moves with his son from Chicago to Seattle following his wife’s death from cancer. His young son, played by Ross Malinger, wants his father to find someone and contacts a radio show before getting his father to tell on air how he misses his wife. Among the many women who are listening and who write to Hanks’ character is a reporter played by Meg Ryan, though she did not intend to send it. Without revealing too much more of the plot the story centres around the intertwining circumstances that may or may not allow them to meet.

Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the sports agent Jerry Maguire has a more comedic edge to it but is another classic example of an ideal date movie. After a breakdown and the composition of a subsequent mission statement on the perils of the industry he announces that he is leaving the agency and invites his co-workers to join him. The only one to come with him is a young single mother played by Renee Zellweger. Aside from the famous quote of ‘show me the money’ this one also features the now truly classic line of ‘you had me at hello’.

Forever Young
Starring Mel Gibson it is impossible not to be drawn in by this 1992 film. There are elements of sci-fi as Gibson plays a test pilot in 1939 who is put in suspended animation at his request for a year so he does not have to watch his comatose girlfriend die. Fifty-three years later two children discover the chamber he is in and the effects of his aging are accidentally reversed. The plot centres on a desperate attempt by Gibson to piece together what has happened with a unique romantic storyline in the background until the end.

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