A great place to meet over 50s

A great place to meet over 50sLove Generations is an established online dating website tailored to meet the needs of the more mature singletons. It’s a great place to meet over 50s and to connect with people in a similar stage and place in life.

You might be wanting to meet someone special in your life, a new partner perhaps. Or maybe you just want to reconnect with others in your age group and see who’s out there.

The stigma around online dating is quickly disappearing, so there’s never been a better time to start it. When you’re over 50 and perhaps have work and family responsibilities it’s a great idea to be able to quickly connect with people online and then arrange a date – than spend many night trawling bars searching for that special someone.

Being over 50 can be a tricky time in life to find yourself newly single. It can be difficult throwing yourself into new social situations, especially if you’re someone who isn’t very confident around new people, or someone who doesn’t have time to get out there because of work or family.

Love Generations takes away all those confidence and time issues, once you join you’ll be able to look through members profiles and decide whether you have things in common. When you find someone you think you’ll click with, send them a friendly message to break the ice – then it’s far less daunting should you decide to meet somewhere along the line.

Another really handy thing about Love Generations is that there are fresh faces joining every day, so if no one catches your eye on Friday, by Monday you might have found someone who does. But all this variation is something you might want to embrace in your new lifestyle, with the great searching options on the site you can use this as a chance to contact people you wouldn’t usually go up and chat with in a bar.

Why not exchange some friendly chat? You never know, you might really hit it off – sometimes variation is the key to success.

So why not sign up? It’s a free to join, and once you’re a member there are all sorts of benefits you can get too. It’s a friendly and efficient way to meet some new people, and the site is easy to use and find your way around too – which means you can start exploring what it has to offer as soon as possible.

Register here and see for yourself.  Subscriptions and other temporary upgrades are optional and you can cancel at any time.

Friends, Romance, Passion for the Over 50’s at St Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, unless you must spend it alone. But how can UK over 50’s meet someone compatible in the short time left before this romantic holiday? Online dating is one way to do so.

Online dating isn’t reserved for young singles or recently divorced thirty-somethings. It’s a great way for silver surfers to meet new friends and perhaps find romance, too. Of course, you may not wish to have a first date with someone on this important day of romance. It might be better if you can meet your new acquaintance two or three weeks ahead of time. So it’s important that you sign up soon and then start the process of communicating with people that you find interesting.

It’s generally a simple process, even for UK over 50’s. The first thing you’ll do is create your dating profile. This provides details about your personality plus your likes and dislikes so that potential suitors can see how they might fit with you. Write in a positive tone, highlighting your best personality traits. Don’t be too verbose; keeping your narrative to a few sentences should be enough.

Upload current photographs to your profile. Choose well-done photos that focus on your face—with a smile, of course. The first photo should focus on you, while a second photo could show you doing something you enjoy; for example, you could be gardening or dancing. Other UK over 50’s will love to know that you enjoy the same pastimes that they enjoy. But make sure that any action type of photo is clear and flattering. A third photograph, showing you dressed for a party or holiday gathering, is recommended.

That is all that’s involved in beginning your online dating experience. From there, you will start receiving notifications of interest or you can do some surfing on your own. Silver surfers can be a little hesitant to reach out in this new world of dating, but bolster your courage with a smile and go to it. After all, true romance and passion could be waiting. Eventually, you will begin corresponding with one or more of the other silver surfers that interest you. Sooner or later you will find someone that you want to meet, and St. Valentine’s Day will be all the more special because you’ll be able to share it with someone as it was meant to be shared—romantically!

Vince Stanzione: Frustrated Over-50s Fire Investment Advisors

Milton Keynes, England — (SBWIRE) — 11/12/2010 — Press Dispensary – Personal investors in the 50+ age group are en masse telling their pin-striped city advisors “you’re fired” and taking on their portfolios themselves. This is the headline finding of the 2010 fintrader.net (http://www.vincestanzione.com/) annual investor survey. And the reason for their revolt? Too many years of near-zero returns and a growing confidence that they can do better on their own.

“The number of 50+ investors who are shouldering their own risks is notably on the rise.”

Vince Stanzione, Stanzione Forex, Finbets – The findings of the survey, now in its sixth year, were unveiled today by financial trading coach and author Vince Stanzione, of fintrader.net, who has been teaching private investors to trade for more than 13 years and has seen a massive surge in new students from the 50+ age group over the last 12 months.

“The biggest trend I’ve seen this year is a move by the over 50s away from advisors and their high fees towards self-managed investments, with an appetite for higher risk strategies,” says Stanzione. “The number of 50+ investors who are shouldering their own risks is notably on the rise.”

“I’m teaching investors how to profit from both bull and bear markets across the globe and not just focus on the FTSE100 or S&P500.”

Vince Stanzione, Stanzione Forex, Finbets – Fintrader.net reported a year ago that, in Financial Spread Betting, the over 50s are by far the most successful, profitable traders and investors. Its five year survey divided 1000 investors into three age-based groups, with the 50+ group performing 25% better than the 30-50 group and a full 40% better than the 18-30 group, busting the myth that risk and results are the stuff of youth.

The 50+ success was partly because older investors took more calculated risks for higher returns than the 30-50 group, often favouring commodities and commodity companies, notably in gold, crude oil and silver.

“Our 2010 results reinforce what we discovered in 2009,” reports Stanzione, “but the change over the last year is the increasing number of over 50s coming into the self-managed market.

Vince Stanzione has produced a home-study course to teach private investors how to benefit from trading financial spread bets and fixed odds. For more details, visit http://www.vincestanzione.com/

Vince Stanzione is a self made multi-millionaire based in Europe. Started at a junior at the age of 16 for Nat West Foreign Exchange in London he worked his way up in before leaving to start up his company. He has been involved in various companies including mobile communications, premium rate telephony, Interactive gaming, publishing and television and financial trading. He now lives most of the year between Spain and Monaco and trades his own funds mainly in currencies and commodities. As well as trading he also teaches a small number of students and produced the best selling course on Financial Spread Betting. He is also the author of “How to Stop Existing & Start Living” to learm more go to http://www.vincestanzione.com/

One in four internet users are over 50

According to a recent article in The Daily Mail, one in four of all the 39 million internet users in the UK are over the age of fifty due to the fact that over a million over 50’s went online for the first time in the past twelve months.

This boost to the number of silver surfers has been brought about by sites specifically designed for the wants, needs, and lifestyles of the more mature adult population.  There are new websites, and there are those in already in existence which  have been modified or expanded to cater for the many interests and the outlook of those who are over half a century old but who feel as young as ever.

Here at Love Generations we’re ahead of the game.  We long ago recognised that there are literally a million or two people out there over the age of fifty who are single, full of life and looking for new partners.

Now, as these new people join the internet generation there are many more reasons to become a member and to upgrade your membership.  It looks like the over 50’s are going to be busier than ever!