Going out in Nottingham

Nottingham has a multitude of venues for the romantic first dates for the older couple looking for somewhere new.

The Royal Centre

The Royal Centre is composed of three attractions: the Nottingham Playhouse, the Theatre Royal, and the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. This triad of theaters makes the Royal Centre one of the best places in Nottingham to go for a date. Here one can view a play, either classic or modern, at the Nottingham Playhouse or at the Theatre Royal. Also, at the Royal Concert Hall, those on a first date can experience quality live music. This is a place that will make for an unforgettable evening out.


If you and your date are both lovers of art or of cultural history, there is no better place than to explore your common interest than a museum. Luckily, Nottingham has a number of world class museums to choose from. Nottingham has a museum for practically anything you could imagine. The Nottingham Natural History Museum is in the heart of the city  in an Elizabethan manor. Here couring couples can explore the wonders of the natural world.

The Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery is another prime date spot in the city. Here couples can enjoy a romantic afternoon or evening exploring the history and architectural artifacts of Nottingham and its surrounding areas. Also, the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery contains the city’s finest collection of classic and decorative art. For art and history lovers the museums of Nottingham are not places to miss. The memories furnished by such an experience will be unforgettable and many of these venues are wroth repeat visits.


Nottingham has a flourishing music scene which provides an excellent date for love birds. The city’s Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra are sites to be seen by music lovers all over the world. Here, viewing the city’s renowned¬† musical performances, lovers can enjoy a relaxing evening show, followed by whatever adventure awaits. Nottingham’s music scene is one of the city’s premiere attractions. As such, it provides an amazing opportunity for those on a date to fall in love.


For those couples not interested in a quiet date looking at art in museums or listening to one of Nottingham’s orchestras, there are other events. One such event is football. Nottingham is home to two high profile football clubs, Nottingham Forest and Notts County. With two teams easily within reach, a date to see either of them play would prove to be an excellent occasion for sports lovers.

Nottingham has many venues to choose from for people looking for the perfect first date.

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