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Video Dating - Introduce yourself with a video clip

Once you've registered to use our site (and it takes about a minute to do so) you'll be presented with a range of options. Most people will elect to complete their profiles by adding some text, listing their likes and dislikes, and generally letting everyone know a little about themselves. No one needs to write their life's story, but a few details and elaborations here and there designed to spark the curiousity of other members is ideal. Having done that you might want to expand on things by adding a video clip

You can record a video clip simply by sitting in front of your screen, clicking a couple of buttons and letting our site's software do the rest. You'll have the opportunity to preview the recording and delete it if it's unsutitable or if you fluff your lines. Don't be deterred and practice until you're satisfied with the results. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your video clip:

  • Spend as long as you need in order to get it right
  • Scrub up! Dress and prepare for the camera and choose appropriate clothes. Imagine you're going out on a date.
  • Check the lighting Could it be improved? Could you move your laptop/iPad to somewhere with better lighting?
  • Look behind you. What else is in camera shot? Do you want it all on display in the finished clip?
  • Write out few lines of speech and rehearse them before you start recording.

With a little practise you'll soon have a video clip of which you can be proud and with which your profile will attract many more visitors.

Meanwhile, here's a video montage of pictures created using the images taken from our network of over 50s dating sites catering for the needs of mature adults in the UK, USA, South Africa, and Australia.

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